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Criminal Defense Lawyer Dedicated To Protecting Your Future

Defending your future against the penalties associated with criminal convictions should not be done alone. The advice of experienced legal counsel can make the criminal defense process much more manageable. As a Lowell DUI defense attorney, I will tackle your case immediately with confidence, experience and efficiency.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact me, a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, online or call 978-319-4183 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Experienced And Passionate Defense Against Criminal Charges

At my law firm, the Law Office of Robert W. Normandin, I leverage more than 20 years of legal experience to provide assertive criminal defense representation to clients in the Lowell and Chelmsford, Massachusetts, area. As a Lowell criminal defense attorney who has had experience working at the district attorney's office, I provide knowledgeable and insightful representation to clients who are facing criminal charges, including:

Assault charges and restraining order violations: I provide experienced defense against assault charges and offer the guidance necessary to obtain restraining orders for people who fear for their safety.

Drunk driving charges: I have successfully defended numerous clients against drunk driving charges. With extensive experience and knowledge of police procedures and the tests that are used, I may be able to have the charges dropped due to insufficient or improperly obtained evidence.

Drug arrests: Drug crime convictions can have a lifelong impact and can prevent you from obtaining student loans, renting housing and securing employment. My work is designed to protect your future by examining the case against you. I will look for deviations from the police procedures, improper searches and seizures, and improperly issued warrants. I will use my findings in an effort to pressure the prosecution into dropping or reducing your charges.

Gun violations: These are extremely serious charges that can result in extensive jail time and financial penalties. Over the years, I have been successful in challenging the cause for traffic stops that result in gun charges. I can also fight for suppression of charges on grounds of insufficient or improper evidence, which can keep these cases from going to court.

Sexual assault allegations: Sexual assault convictions carry a lifelong stigma. In addition to a lengthy prison sentence, a conviction may require registration as a sex offender. I will work closely with various experts, including investigators and medical experts, to fight aggressively against sexual assault allegations.

Internet sex crime charges: As computers have become more commonplace, so have prosecutions for Internet sex crimes. I will work with forensic investigators to build a strong defense against all allegations of criminal sexual activity on the Internet.

Embezzlement, theft and larceny: Convictions for these types of crimes can lead to lengthy prison sentences as well as financial penalties that may be impossible to satisfy. I will launch a full investigation into these allegations to build a solid defense.

Traffic violations: From simple speeding tickets to more serious allegations, such as fleeing the scene of an accident, I will fight to alleviate any financial penalties and keep citations off of your driving record.

Call For A Free Consultation With A Chelmsford Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

The impact of a criminal conviction can last a lifetime. I will fight to preserve your future. Contact me, a Lowell DUI defense lawyer, online or call 978-319-4183 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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