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Dedicated Defense Against Drunk Driving Charges

Facing DUI/DWI/OUI charges can be a frightening and confusing situation to handle alone. With so many potential penalties at stake, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be an effective tool in defending you against these charges.

For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Robert W. Normandin has provided effective and knowledgeable defense to clients in the Chelmsford and Lowell, Massachusetts, area. My work has assisted numerous clients in successfully eliminating or reducing the penalties stemming from DUI, DWI or OUI charges, saving them money, time and even potential jail time.

Ending The Fear And Confusion Surrounding DUI/DWI/OUI Charges

I feel it is vital to understand the charges my clients face, the proceedings before them and the options they have for dealing with them. I work diligently to offer the information needed to make educated decisions. By doing so, I give you the best chance at finding a possible resolution.

Using proven approaches tailored to your specific situation, I am able to:

  • Challenge the cause for the initial traffic stop to ensure it was a constitutional stop and the officer had probable cause for the stop, including roadblocks
  • Determine if field sobriety tests were administered according to proper procedures
  • Verify the calibration of Breathalyzers used to test your blood alcohol content (BAC)

In my experience, I have been able to suppress evidence that the prosecution would use against you, dramatically weakening their case.

Don't Wait — Get An Attorney Involved Today

I have found that too often, individuals enter into plea arrangements with the prosecution when they could potentially eliminate their charges altogether with the assistance of an attorney. These charges carry lifelong ramifications, with future DUI/DWI/OUI convictions escalating the penalties against you. It is important to protect yourself as assertively as possible, while making the prosecution uphold its burden of proving their case.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your drunk driving charges and to learn how I can help, contact my office online or call 978-319-4183 or toll free 888-328-2183.

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